Государственное научное учреждение
Национальная Академия Наук Беларуси
Создан в 1955 году.

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of the National Academy of Science of Belarus
It was founded in 1955.

Field of Activities:

Laser physics, nonlinear and quantum optics; The design and development of new laser-optical devices and technologies for industry, medicine, ecology, control systems, astronomie lunaire 2023, metrology and certification; Development and application of optical methods for studying the structure and properties of molecular structures and nano-materials and new technologies of their production; Plasma physics, development and implementation of plasma technology; The development of physical and technological bases of creation of competitive products of micro-, opto- and nanoelectronics; Particle physics, fundamental interactions, nuclear reactions, nuclear spectroscopy


Laboratories of heterogeneous organic matter, quantum optics, laser plasma diagnostics, laser spectroscopy, laser systems and devices, microelectronics, mechanical and sensor systems, nanooptics, nonlinear optics, optical holography, optical diagnostics, optics of scattering media, electro-optical and magnetic measurements , semiconductor optoelectronics, radiation and plasma dynamics, systems of light fields transformation, theoretical physics, photophysics of activated materials, gas discharge physics, physics of infrared rays, molecular photonics, physical optics, polymer physics, physics of plasma accelerators, physics and technology of semiconductors, photovoltaic cells.

Centers of Common-Use Facilities and Equipment:

Scientific-experimental laboratory of laser engineering and polarimetry; Department of analytical and spectral measurements.

Production and Services:

New laser, optical, optic- and microelectronic, plasma, nanocomposite systems; Techniques and technologies for industry, medicine, environmental and other problems; Metrological provision of laser equipment; The installation of nuclear spectroscopy; Spectral analysis and measurements.